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Theresa with Doctor's Cap and Polar Bear. (c) Lars Nilse. 2

BSX – several years of my life and a thesis at last

People who know me well and in person, friends, family, colleagues, my boss, always looked at me in disbelief. “What? There is no Gene of the Week article on Bsx???” They are astonished because Bsx is the gene that has been with me, or- sometimes even more so – has been following me, for several years. Even if originally this wasn’t planned at all, the Bsx gene was holding so many previously unknown functions for me to discover that I ultimately filled most of my doctoral thesis by researching and describing these functions. In other words: I owe my amazing doctor’s hat mostly to the Bsx gene. But let’s start at the beginning.… Read more


SRY: boy or girl?

Personally, I am particularly interested in genes that do something with us during embryonic development. And hardly any genes make anything more crucial than SRY during our embryonic development. The acronym stands for Sex determining Region on Y-chromosomes and in fact, the name says almost everything.… Read more

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